Digital Strategy

Copy on your website will get you so far but there's more to maximising your client contact. There's integration to consider, with your mailing list, your social sites and it all takes a strategic eye to understand and implement.

We offer a full service digital agency that does it all for you. Yes EVERYTHING.

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As a business owner, we understand that to you marketing is often as clear as mud. Emma Sidney got to #1 on Google the old fashioned way, by creating her brand from the ground up, without a lot of pretty graphics and a marketing degree. 

A point of difference is that Emma focusses on educating and training you in what to do, why this helps your business and how to be effective.

In fact, Emma is providing instruction and oversight to business marketing departments in established companies.  

The Result? ​

You're not wasting money on ad campaigns before you're ready and our digital strategy isn't spaghetti or vague pretty pictures and promises in your mind. 

Imagine Logos, Branding, Websites, Social Sites, Mailing and CRM (customer management software) all working for your brand. The time and money you save as you scale is ENORMOUS. 

Our Digital Strategy Explains:

  • How to gain more clients quickly
  • How easy it is to buy from your site
  • Are you engaging clients within 7 seconds?
  • What is your best website and content strategy
  • What's the actual sales power of your copy
  • Are you connecting with your clients?
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimisation on pages and in your website
  • External link quality and social media integrations

Education and strategy sessions are 1:1 or in groups, as you require.

For more information on all our other services, please just call and let us know what you are struggling with.
An easy fix is a phone call or email away.

Success Starts with Strategy

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