We suit all businesses, from major corporations to entrepreneurs. We create beautiful, functional stories and strategies for your online presence, across all platforms, that maximise your brand, your visibility and your credibility online. 

  • From zero sales to a 500% return on copy in one week; by writing John's story we snowballed sales for his new Doxie Watch brand (go to our home page for the whole story).
  • From no local presence to 3 new clients in 2 days, that's Christine Carley's (Naturopathy) result.

The Holistic View of Digital Copywriting

clients buy from people they know like and trust

Getting your brand right online requires strategy and copywriting specific to your business and your ideal client.

To have a great online presence you also need STRATEGY. We look at your whole online presence to evaluate what assets you have versus what you need and put a plan in place to show you exactly what that looks like step by step. 

Often the website is the where you want your clients to land, but all your other platforms affect your credibility and congruency. 

Make Sure that your Online Presence is On Brand

Why Digital Copywriting is far more than content. 

We make sure you gain CLIENTS from your content, which means a clear focus on how we speak about your business and an easy PATH to create more new clients more often.​

We consider content, the journey the person takes to the check out but also the integrity of the site and the other aspects that impact being found and engagement online. This takes your content into the realm of digital strategy.

Let's make Gems

Sapphire Package

Small businesses need snappy pages, some sparkling gems of information to stand out and create a great user experience AND get that phone ringing.

This is a fast, cost effective update to your website which is fast and has immediate impact, making your $$ go a long way. 


  • 1500 expertly crafted words on Home, About and Product pages
  • 10 SEO key phrases / words
  • Links for clients to buy or call (CTAs)
  • Internal links to products and pages
  • Domain trust increasing SEO visibility

Diamond Package

Let's clearly tell all your ideal clients exactly who you are.

Our diamond studded service gives them easy steps to purchase your goods and services while making you sound a million dollars better than your competition!

With more copy and pages on your site, you've got more ways to get found!


  • 3000 expertly crafted words on three to six pages
  • 25 SEO key phrases / words
  • Internal links for easy user experience and journey to buy
  • External links for domain trust
  • Solid client journey for genuine user engagement

Ruby Package

Nobody wants a cookie cutter solution!

We understand your exact requirements, identify your ideal client and your unique selling proposition.

We dig out the nuggets of gold that started you on the path to success, polish them up and put them proudly on display.​

If you rely on content to drive an understanding of your product or service, we will make your story GOLD.


  • 4500 expertly crafted words on three pages
  • Up to 50 SEO key phrases or words
  • Context and background interviews with key personnel
  • Personalised stories and user friendly information
  • Internal links for easy user navigation to purchase
  • High quality external links for domain trust
  • Solid client journey for genuine user engagement
  • Maximum impact on your new clients 

Do you Need to Build your Brand from Scratch? 

Getting your website right isn't always enough. There's integration to consider, with your mailing list, your social sites and it all takes a fair bit of time and energy to understand and implement. 

We offer a full service digital agency that does it all for you. Yes EVERYTHING. 

In addition, Emma focusses on training you in your online tools so that digital strategy isn't digital spaghetti in your mind. These sessions can be 1:1 or in groups, as you require. 

Integrated Logos, Branding, Websites, Social Sites, Mailing and
CRM platforms all perfectly on brand

For more information on all our other services, please just call and let us know what you are struggling with.
An easy fix is a phone call or email away.